Buy Swedish Snus and Get Rid of Smoking

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Buy Swedish Snus and Quit Smoking Forever!

Maybe you are suspicious about Swedish tobacco-snus, whether it causes cancer or not. Snus is a smokeless tobacco, an alternative to cigarettes. Using snus may be helpful  to quit cigarettes smoking. The other version of smokeless tobacco snuff  produced in The USA in the form as chewing tobacco or moist snuff different from Swedish Snus.

Swedish snus is portioned in small bags.  This snus bag is placed  under the upper and lower lips and kept about 20-30 minutes which supplies nicotine eventually satisfy smokers needs and  helps to quit smoking cigarettes.

Swedish Snus is produced under strict control of Swedish authority and produced through the technique of steam pasteurization that makes snus relatively safer to use compare to smoking cigarettes.

Cancer risk of Snus?

According to researchers and oncologists, a cigarette contains a cancer-causing agent. Smoking for a long time promotes the smokers to lung cancer. But the doctors opinion in consumption of Swedish snus whether it causes cancer or not is controversial. One group trust that snus contains nitrosamine ad  a harmful agent which is also present in cigarettes. They also believe that Snus is not smoked but used orally only, so it is harmful to oral health. They say that long time use of snus may cause tooth decay and mouth, throat and lung cancer.

However, the other group has completely opposite opinion of this version. The scientific studies proved that consumption of Swedish snus does not increase the risk of mouth, throat or lung cancer.  Steam pasteurized technique make the snus similar to grilled meat and obviously cause no harm to our tooth. According to this scientific group, snus consumption is 99% less injurious than cigarette smoking, it also supplying a good amount of bio-available nicotine.

These researchers have proved that both caffeine and nicotine produce same kinds of effects on the users’ cardiovascular system.
Nicotine is not a cancer-causing agent but highly addictive just like heroin. Snus is a spit-free that can be consumed with peoples around and without any kind of health risk or irritation to others.

However, snus doesn’t kill the consumers or peoples nearby. Find more about Swedish snus, visit


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