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Buy Swedish Snus and Get Rid of Smoking

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Buy Swedish Snus and Quit Smoking Forever!

Maybe you are suspicious about Swedish tobacco-snus, whether it causes cancer or not. Snus is a smokeless tobacco, an alternative to cigarettes. Using snus may be helpful  to quit cigarettes smoking. The other version of smokeless tobacco snuff  produced in The USA in the form as chewing tobacco or moist snuff different from Swedish Snus.

Swedish snus is portioned in small bags.  This snus bag is placed  under the upper and lower lips and kept about 20-30 minutes which supplies nicotine eventually satisfy smokers needs and  helps to quit smoking cigarettes.

Swedish Snus is produced under strict control of Swedish authority and produced through the technique of steam pasteurization that makes snus relatively safer to use compare to smoking cigarettes.

Cancer risk of Snus?

According to researchers and oncologists, a cigarette contains a cancer-causing agent. Smoking for a long time promotes the smokers to lung cancer. But the doctors opinion in consumption of Swedish snus whether it causes cancer or not is controversial. One group trust that snus contains nitrosamine ad  a harmful agent which is also present in cigarettes. They also believe that Snus is not smoked but used orally only, so it is harmful to oral health. They say that long time use of snus may cause tooth decay and mouth, throat and lung cancer.

However, the other group has completely opposite opinion of this version. The scientific studies proved that consumption of Swedish snus does not increase the risk of mouth, throat or lung cancer.  Steam pasteurized technique make the snus similar to grilled meat and obviously cause no harm to our tooth. According to this scientific group, snus consumption is 99% less injurious than cigarette smoking, it also supplying a good amount of bio-available nicotine.

These researchers have proved that both caffeine and nicotine produce same kinds of effects on the users’ cardiovascular system.
Nicotine is not a cancer-causing agent but highly addictive just like heroin. Snus is a spit-free that can be consumed with peoples around and without any kind of health risk or irritation to others.

However, snus doesn’t kill the consumers or peoples nearby. Find more about Swedish snus, visit


Buy Ettan Snus Online – Snus Is Less Harmful Than Cigarettes and Cigars

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Every smoker experiences now with the warning – “Cigarette smoking is harmful to health”. It affects both the active and also the passive smokers. Cigarettes have tremendous smell and smoke that cause none- smokers to dislike the smokers. Even sometimes nonsmokers attack smokers. That’s why many smokers are desperately looking for alternatives to smoking. Swedish snus might be a better choice to try.
The alternatives to smoking are Snus of several types and all are less harmful than cigars and cigarettes. Snus is widely used in Europe for centuries in particular in Scandinavian countries. Now the number of snus consumers is growing significantly in America as it is safer than cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing. You can buy Ettan, General, knox, Grov, Catch and more brands of Swedish Snus online, that will save your health and money.
Why snus is better than cigarettes?
Snus contains nicotine in less amount in comparison to cigars and cigarettes. Obviously it is less harmful than smoking. It has no smoke as byproducts, so it does not bother others. Neither a snus user requires to spit from time to time. You can consume snus discreetly anywhere you want. You just place snus in between upper or lower lips and jaws and continue your daily public dealing without bothering anyone around you.
Smoking is forbidden in many countries, particularly in public places, like common room, hospitals and restaurants. The public is getting increasingly aware of danger and harm caused by smoking that force politicians to campaign to create massive public opinion against smoking cigarettes. Many Governments are considering to pass a legislation to stop all welfare benefits to smokers. However, it is a long way to go to make it happen. Billion dollars are coming to State from Tobacco industries. Only smokers can do this by quitting smoking themselves to enjoy their lives.
There are several studies indicate that Snus consumption saves millions of the smokers as well as the non-smokers lives from smoking. However, snus is not totally safe but there is no doubt that the negative effects are much lower. Using tobacco snus step by step you can switch to tobacco-free snus. That means you can get rid of nicotine forever.
The good news is that you can order now Ettan snus online and save time and money as well. Online shop snus often turns out to be very cost-effective and you can be sure of high quality as well. Find more info about snus at

Swedish Tobacco Snus

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Swedish Tobacco

The first home-grown tobacco crop in Sweden dates back to 1725, grown by a farmer by the name of Jonas Alstromer. Within a few years, he had well over 100,000 plants. Of course, prior to Alstromer’s accomplishment, tobacco use in Sweden was already on the rise, having been initially imported to Sweden as early as 1638 by a shipping company with ties to a Swedish colony in the United States.

Within a few years of Alstromer’s success, however, home-grown tobacco
spread throughout all of Sweden. The use of snus–or snuff,
as it’s commonly known outside of Sweden–became increasingly
popular over time, peaking in the years immediately following World
War I. In 1919 alone, annual consumption was about seven pounds per
person! While smoking gained in popularity after the war, causing
a decline in the use of snus, the late 1960s again saw a rise in the
use of snus, as the dangers of smoking became more widely known.

Swedish snus, widely regarded as the highest-quality
snuff manufactured in the world, is made from ground tobacco, water,
salt, and additives. The flavor of the snus depends on the precise
mixing of different strains of tobacco and the additives used. Snus,
in Sweden, is considered a foodstuff, so the regulations for its manufacture
are highly strict and specific. This also means that when you buy
Swedish snus, you can trust the product you receive.

If you live outside of Sweden, however, finding Swedish smokeless snus can be difficult, if not impossible. Until now, that is. Thanks to, you can buy authentic Swedish snus, wherever in the world you live. At SwedSnus, our mission is quite simple: to share this product with the world.

Neck Support

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I have meet many people who some times complains about pain around neck. I suggest them to visit this site to get high quality cervical collars at the lowest price.

Neck Supports-Cervical Collars

Adjusted Cervical Collar

The height adjustable Polythene cervical collar with holes for air at the neck area is very unique in its design compare to any other neck support on the market. The height adjustment of this cervical collar allows full range of motion of the head and reliable support to neck. It is coated with artificial soft leather that allows patients comport and holes allow  air circulation.
  • Height adjustable (height 8-13 cm)
  • Hook & loop closure design make it easy application and removal.
Indications for Use
  • Injuries and ruptures of the cervix.
  • Cervical spondyloarthropathy
  • Post surgical support
  • Provides secure and comfortable support