Quit smoking with Nicotine Free Snus

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A Story Bihind Onico

“Three years ago, a few genious were gossping about the possible production of Nicotine Free Snus at Swedish Match :” let us produce a nicotine-free pouch. “Maddness!” said one. “Impossible!” said another. A nicotine-free pouch well as caffè latte without milk, hamburger without meat or a beer without foam crown? Few understood the charm of this unlikely product, much less could they imagine that there would be a demand.

But this one was something that few other did. There was a gap to fill, a need that still. The nicotine-free pouch has been successful. Perhaps it is for the good taste. Or the need to diversify itself. Whatever, we know that there are those who drink coffee with and without milk.”

However there was a set back of Onico production due to bad quality of raw material of corn fiber. “To date, some ten cases of dental caries have been reported from a total of approximately 100,000 Onico users,” says Freddi Lewin, doctor and medical advisor at Swedish Match. “We have paid the costs for dental treatment and any travel expenses, loss of earnings and other costs for the individuals in these cases.” After extensive research, new recepie has been developed and  the risk of dental caries has been eliminated.

The new Onico is available in four varieties: original and mini, which are both similar in taste to traditional snus, and peppermint and juniper. Find more at




2 thoughts on “Quit smoking with Nicotine Free Snus

    garyhorton139387507 said:
    February 15, 2013 at 3:59 am

    So does this give you a hit like nicotine? I wish there were more details here, but it does sound interesting. I think something is missing from this post.

    Dr. Anowar Hossain responded:
    February 26, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Many smokers have succeeded quit smoking after using nicotine free snus!

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